Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Release: 007

I've removed the O_DIRECT usage since I got the #ifdefs wrong. Linus says that there's a better way to do it anyway. I've done that, and all appears to be well. This should also make what I did portable to other POSIX platforms. Have fun!

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Brad Templeton said...

I tried it with a WEP key. Oddly, it easily sees the networks in scan mode but most of the time in set ssid or test mode it times out looking for it. Sometimes it works.

After a timeout it usually works. However it then prints a strange diagnostic at the end:

trying to connect to network: ''
with passphrase: '(redacted)'
interpreting passphrase as hex WEP key (13 bytes)

Testing connecion to '' (3): waiting for DHCP.
Testing connecion to '' (4): testing connection to Eye-Fi server.
Testing connecion to '' (5): success
Succeeded connecting to: ''
interpreting passphrase as ASCII WPA key (32 bytes)

ie. it is nulling out the key and treating it as a wpa passphrase in whatever 2nd pass it is doing.

Thought you might like to know. Thanks for the code. Trying this on a card that eyefi manager refuses to talk to because it's recalled.