Friday, March 25, 2011

New Release: 011

Someone was kind enough to send me a Pro X2 card, along with a plain X2. Before, I only had a 4GB "Wi-Fi" card. The new cards have some nice features, and this release adds support for a few of them, and few that I never got around to supporting before.
  • --transfer-mode: print or change card transfer mode or =help to list modes
  • --wifi-radio fetch wifi radio state, or turn it on and off
  • --endless: fetch or set endless storage trigger percentage
I'm also fairly sure at this point that the Ad-Hoc support in the "Pro" cards does not actually manifest in the card interface at all. I believe it still requires a DHCP server on the network. You use the same commands to add an Ad-Hoc network that you would to add a normal Infrastructure network.

Go ahead and download the new release here, or view the changelog if you want more details.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Transfer Mode Command

The Eye-Fi software has not run under WINE in quite a while. That was disappointing because it's how I first reverse-engineered the commands. But, I have a new and much simpler method now, and it's much less likely to break from future Eye-Fi software changes.

I've now added a --transfer-mode option. This "selective transfer" mode described here.
  • "Selective Share" is --transfer-mode=SELSHARE
  • "Selective Transfer" is --transfer-mode=SELUPLOAD
  • The default mode is automatic and it is specified with --transfer-mode=AUTO
I chose those names because they match what ends up coming out in the card's log.

I haven't made a release yet, but this code is now available in the git tree.