Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Card Models (Pro, 4GB, etc...)

I just wanted to let everybody know that my software still works with the 4GB cards. I have a 4GB "Home Video" card, and I was able to program it just fine with my software. It claims to have the same firmware version that my 2GB card has. I have not verified that the images are the same (or very similar).

I'm pretty sure that the 4GB cards are very different internally than the 2GB cards. I get ~6MB/sec write speeds, which is at least 3x what I got before.

I'm not sure about the 8GB Pro card. Is it just a 4GB card with more flash, or truly the 3rd-generation model? Does it share firmware with the 4GB cards? I also do not know how to program the Ad-hoc networks into it. I believe that Ad-hoc networks will need to have static IPs at least, and I have no idea how to program that into the card.

BTW, does anybody have the Eye-Fi manager working under WINE these days?