Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Working Standalone Server

I'll just point over to Jeff's blog post on the topic. This is a neat development. It should allow people to do things like keep their pictures private and not upload them at all to the Eye-Fi servers.

This kind of thing could also make a really neat iPhone or Android app, now that Jeff has a proven algorithm. If you can get your phone and your Eye-Fi card on the same WiFi network, you could view things as they come out of your camera.

Anybody know of any tiny battery-powered 802.11 access points? I bet one of these plus one of these would be interesting. I'll have to test Jeff's program with an isolated wireless network and see what happens.


Michael said...

I fixed up the previous perl server (eyefitools) a few days ago and got it working with the newer firmware.

It's linked off

Unknown said...

Dave, have you seen the Cradlepoint products? One of the routers is battery powered, the problem is that it isn't an Ethernet router, it is only USB(to phone or datacard) to wifi. With a cellular data card and a eye-fi card it could be lots of fun.

MethodicJon said...

If you are looking for a working standalone server, without internet, but wifi and storage, check out the WiDrive. I have one, got it shipped over to the US.

I think I'm going to get a EyeFi tonight.

It has an AP mode and supports SAMBA shares. This might be the perfect way to store photos on the run.

I'll post an update.

Wandering Adventures said...

Novatel has the MiFi in final stages of R&D.

What I'd really go for is a firmware hacking exercise to enable Ad-Hoc mode. Would eliminate the need of the MiFi, since my phone can be an Ad-Hoc WiFi p2p spot.

sorboimages said...

Hey Dave:

The D-link and Lenmar battery you reference are the exact set-up I use to get images off my Canon Mk II w/ an Eye-Fi to my Macbook.
Works great and gives better range than just using the Eye-Fi sending to a computer.
Would love to see this in an iPhone app!
Anyone working on that?