Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Release: 008

Brad left a comment with a great bug report. As you can see in gitweb, I've fixed this. I was basically clobbering the password when I converted it from ASCII to a binary format because I forgot that it gets used twice. Oops.



thecolor said...

any thoughts on getting this to allow you to write an ad-hoc connection on the card? Since the card/management software does not seem to find it or allow it, I thought perhaps it could be hard written this way?


Daria Brashear said...

I have a version of eyefi-osx.c which appears to work. It currently includes functions licensed APSL 2.0, which could be abstracted out by calling getfsstat directly.

Do you want it?

Dave Hansen said...


Absolutely! I'll take a look to see what the licensing issues are.

Daria Brashear said...


You also need to not use -static when linking on OSX (10.5.6 anyway)

Anonymous said...

40-bit WEP support, sorry for the formatting...

diff -ruw orig-008/eyefi-config.c eyefi-config-008/eyefi-config.c
--- orig-008/eyefi-config.c 2009-02-17 10:31:47.000000000 -0700
+++ eyefi-config-008/eyefi-config.c 2009-11-06 19:36:03.000000000 -0700
@@ -421,6 +421,8 @@
key->len = pass_len/2;
memcpy(&key->wpa.key[0], hex_pass, key->len);
+ case WEP_KEY40_BYTES*2:
+ eyefi_printf("short (40/64bit) ");
eyefi_printf("hex WEP");
hex_pass = convert_ascii_to_hex(tmp, strlen(pass));

diff -ruw orig-008/eyefi-config.h eyefi-config-008/eyefi-config.h
--- orig-008/eyefi-config.h 2009-02-05 13:46:37.000000000 -0700
+++ eyefi-config-008/eyefi-config.h 2009-11-06 19:33:40.000000000 -0700
@@ -240,6 +240,7 @@
} __attribute((packed));

#define WEP_KEY_BYTES 13
+#define WEP_KEY40_BYTES 5
struct wep_key {
u8 key[WEP_KEY_BYTES];
} __attribute((packed));

Peter said...

The eyefi-osx.c shadow posted seems to allow eyefi-config to build without errors. However, it doesn't seem to work (for me, eyefi video). Any options end up looking like this:

located EyeFi card at: '/Volumes/Eye-Fi'
never saw card seq response
unable to detect any wireless networks

I'm looking for a way to point the eyefi card to an instance of the EyeFiManager.py server running on a linux NAS instead of a computer I need to keep running all the time.

Any idea if eyefi-manager can help with that?


Dave Hansen said...

Sorry, Peter. I don't actually have any Apple hardware (or hackintoshes :). So, it's hard for me to get it working there.

As far as redirecting to the NAS, the card doesn't actually know where to go looking to upload. It keeps a record of the last IP it uploaded to. But, if that computer isn't responding, it goes looking for other ones.