Monday, August 25, 2008

Geotagging Works!

I took a picture earlier this morning, which wasn't geotagged. I just took another and noticed that my AP had finally gotten into Skyhook's DB. I submitted it last Tuesday and it took a bit less than a week.

If you wonder what this is, I've been making cables to convert my old RAZR chargers to charge the iPhone 3G. The RAZR is a male USB Mini-B, so I need female USB Mini-B connectors which have been really hard to come by. I've been using this guy's schematic to get the right voltages on the USB data pins so the iPhone will actually charge.

P.S. Please no stalking! :)


Daniel Clelland said...

Hey, colour me a noob, but I was trying to get Chris's perl script to work, but it requires me to fill in an 'upload key'. However, I have no idea as to what that might be or how to find it.

Anyway, I'd also like to say this is a superb project. Keep up the great work!

Unknown said...

Hello, I try to compile your eyefi-config with chdk. but there is an error when compiling eyefi-config.h (sys/types.h not found). Could you please suggest the flag/define in your chdk makefile to compile eyefi-config with chdk?.

I want to modify chdk to include wifi ap data in exif. So we can use other wps service other than skyhook.

Thanks for your hard work.

Carson said...

Hi Dave,

wonder if you get any chance on having the card transfer RAW file? or any filetype other than jpeg? What I don't understand is why the restriction...

Any help is appreciated