Thursday, August 14, 2008

Eye-Fi Explore and release 005

My old classic Eye-Fi card broke after I squished it, plugged it about 30,000 times and cut a hunk of plastic out of it. The guys at Eye-Fi replaced this "defective" (their words, not mine :) and to show they are swell folks, replaced it with one of the newfangled Eye-Fi Explore cards that do geotagging. Thanks guys! BTW, I don't consider it defective, I consider it abused.

I was able to do all of the card initialization in WINE. It would not complete the final test step, but it works fine anyway. I need to dig through those WINE logs and see if there's anything interesting in them.

New observations:
  1. I have two access points running with the same ESSID, but on different channels. This works for my PCs, but made the card very mad. It would not associate for long enough to upload anything.
  2. The card comes from the factory without its EyeFi/{reqm,rspm,...} files. The manager software must create them. I created them with dd, and was able to use the card before I ran the manager software. I also saw a 'EyeFiManufacturing' wireless network in the card log!
  3. I added a network to the card before I registered it. The card DHCP'd and tried to upload its pictures, but choked once it talked to the Eye-Fi server. No surprise here, but it does open up the possibilities if someone ever reverse-engineers the server protocol.
  4. I enabled geotagging, but it does not seem to work for me, yet. Anybody have this working? Anybody know of any quick ways to check Skyhooks's AP list?
I'm also pleased to announce Eye-Fi Configuration Tool Version 005. This should fix the crashing bugs that some people were seeing. My printf() function was screwed up and calling printf() instead of vprintf(). Git tree here.


Unknown said...

dave, check out for skyhook lookups from your laptop.

Sam Hinckley said...

Building on what yoogle said - I did just that because I couldn't get geotagging to work from my home AP either. Unfortunately I "tuned" my location in Loki before I allowed it to "Find Me" so I think I may have just added my AP sort of "locally" to my Loki installation. Now it (Loki) locates me properly at home but I can't be sure if it's because of the tuning I did or because Skyhook has me in their DB now. I also manually submitted my AP to Skyhook using the form on their site. Regardless, as of this morning my pictures are still not being geotagged. I've been too lazy to go out and take some pictures around other APs, however...