Sunday, July 13, 2008

Git tree

Because someone asked, I've also put up a git tree. I'm honestly not planning on putting out that many updates, but I figure I'll share anyway.;a=summary


Br3nda of said...

you rock.... <3 git

Br3nda of said...

gutsy on eeepc results in

brenda@tinyshiny:~/eyefi-config$ ./eyefi-config -c
issue_noarg_command() cmd: 108
issue_noarg_command() cmd: 108
configured wireless networks:
brenda@tinyshiny:~/eyefi-config$ ./eyefi-config -a bc -p ...
trying to connect to �ʙ� network: '��=���s-��%�' with passphrase: '�ʙ�'issue_noarg_command() cmd: 115

Segmentation fault (core dumped)

i can send coredump you like

Br3nda of said...

yeah.. 002 works nicely but 003, 004 and git versions segfault