Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Latest Progress

I have not been doing very much Eye-Fi hacking lately. I do with I had been able to activate my new card without going into Windows, but that was really a one-time inconvenience. Not nearly as bad as some devices that need constant plugging into Windows. BTW, there's nothing especially wrong with Windows, I just don't like rebooting.

I had a Belkin N-1 Vision that turned out to be a pretty expensive ($179 when I bought it) piece of junk. My first one locked up (bad hardware?), and my second one seems to be unable to do IPSec passthrough. So, I just dropped in the Actiontec MI424-WR that came with my Verizon FiOS service. When the Eye-Fi card tries to upload through it, both devices reset themselves!

In all fairness, the Actiontec seems much more fragile than the Eye-Fi, and I do know that the Eye-Fi intentionally reboots sometimes to clean up transient error conditions. That's fine behavior for the card since it reboots fast and you can still take pictures. It is much less nice for a router to do that.

I also stumbled upon a neat blog entry about the benefits of open source. When I read it, I immediately thought of my little Eye-Fi card. I truly hope some day our friends at Eye-Fi decide to seize upon the community of really clever people out there that would love to build upon their fantastic devices.

Oh, and when is the Eye-Fi iPhone app going to be released?

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The Dreamer said...

Any plans to support adding WEP? I decided to only travel with my (Linux) EeePC, but the ancient WiFi router that I had given my parents only does WEP....so I can't upload my pics from there place.

Now to find some other way to safely transmit my pictures before I return to the US.