Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Eye-Fi models with video

Holy cow! I have impeccable timing. Eye-Fi just announced their cards with video support. I wonder what the write speed is on these new suckers.


Josh said...

I'm with you on speed curiosity. In terms of your efforts keep them up. I'm really anxious to see if this thing can be opened up a bit and allow users to set their own "rules" for the card. I'm particularly interested in what could be done to enable the thing to upload RAW files, this in combination with CHDK could be sweet.

Ben said...

I just ran your test command on my Eye-Fi Explore Video 4GB card in the stock USB card reader (SDHC). It took about 28 seconds to write 128MB which works out to about 4.5 MB/second.

Unfortunately write speed isn't much of an concern for me now, as I can't use the card for video in my Canon SD camera due to audio noise from the radio transmitter.