Thursday, February 21, 2008

Working Standalone Software!!

So, a reader of this blog has been able to understand many of the interactions with the card. He's written software to:
  1. List configured networks
  2. List scanned networks
  3. Print card MAC address
  4. Print card firmware information
and I've added on to it to fetch the card logs. This is really good progress, and the ability to add networks to the card shouldn't be too horribly far away. I'm sure that the author will be willing to share it publicly soon. I'd post it somewhere, but I don't want to be passing around someone else's code for which I have no permission to distribute. I'll post here as soon as it is available.

BTW, a recent commenter noted that the card can only add ASCII WEP keys, and not hex ones. They didin't get much help from EyeFi support. I've seen the same limitation, and I'm happy to say that the card's hardware accepts hex keys. It's just a limitation of the manager software right now that it only takes ASCII. I've actually watched the manager software program the hex values derived from the ASCII keys into the card.

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