Friday, February 22, 2008

Firmware image

I was able to sniff the latest update to the firmware as it happened. It does download it as far as I can tell from the site I mentioned in an earlier post. However, I can't quite figure out what the download format is.

But, I did manage to catch the manager writing 'EYEFIFWU.BIN' to the root of the card, just before issuing a 'b' command to reboot. I believe this let me get a hold of a complete, decoded firmware image. There's a lot of interesting stuff in there. The card's chipset looks to be a Atheros ar6000 which contains a MIPS core.

It also appears that the card has /public and /private mount points that the card's OS can see. /public is what we get to see on the card itself, and private is where the real fun is stored. There also appears to be a 'devfs'. devfs's exist on at least FreeBSD and older Linux versions, and this doesn't really point in either direction.

But, I don't really see an OS, a bootloader or any executables in the image. I ran 'file' at 1-byte offsets on it and didn't really come up with much. I think it could certainly use another pair of eyes.

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Unknown said...


I had thought that you must have already figured out the payload when you issued the download API calls - you really didn't have to wait to catch a firmware upgrade in progress to read the EYEFIFWU.BIN contents. The API call simply returns the data in gzipped and Base64-encoded format.

And, that we use Atheros' AR6001 platform and a MIPS CPU, is available in various PR releases and datasheets.

Thanks for your continued intellectual interest in the Eye-Fi platform!