Monday, January 14, 2008

Alternative to Upload to Computer

Since I run Linux don't have a Windows machine, I can't simply use the Eye-Fi manager's ability to copy all pictures down to a PC. But, I noticed that Google's Picasa has an open API for accessing it (and 1GB of free storage). So, I changed my picture service to Picasa and started digging. There is an apparently Google-written implementation of a perl libarary to access Picasa.

I used this library to create a little script called You can run this script to automatically download all pictures directly from picasa, and store them on your PC. You can get my script along with a slightly hacked up version of the Picasa libary here:

Run this every few minutes in a cronjob and, for me, it's just as good as the built-in Eye-Fi capability!


Unknown said...

The Eye-Fi Card also allows you to point your web uploads to a Gallery 2 server installation of your choosing if you wish. You can run a Gallery 2 installation on a Linux server of your choosing and receive photos at it this way, too.

Dave Hansen said...

That's really cool!

But, Gallery 2 has some pretty serious security implications if you're going to run it on your own web server, so I'm a bit cautious. Thanks for the pointer, though!

Unknown said...

Technically it is not Gallery 2 that Eye-Fi can send photos to, but rather any web service that's compatible with the Gallery 2 Remote Protocol. If you're the tinkerer type (which you clearly are :-) ), you could roll a server on your own that receives the photos into your custom service implementation below the Gallery 2 Remote Protocol.