Monday, April 21, 2008

Booting the Eye-Fi Firmware

Has anyone out there ever run eCos or Redboot under a qemu instance? I got a version of little-endian Malta Redboot, and got it to run. But, I think the Eye-Fi card is big-endian.

What I'd like to do is get the Eye-Fi firmware booting in qemu so that I can start trying to modify it. If figure that if I can get another Redboot to load the Eye-Fi firmware image and run it, them I'll halfway there.

I just had someone email me and ask if it was possible to use the Eye-Fi card in a remote location where there is no Internet access, and just upload to the PC. Sadly, I don't think it is quite possible with the current firmware. One of the first things the card does when it boots is check with the server to see if the card has been registered. Without that step, I don't think it functions. Update! I'm wrong! :)

OK, I appear to have been completely wrong. Jason Justman pointed out that he's done just this. I tried to reproduce what he has done by blocking my Eye-Fi card from getting to the Internet on my router. It still managed to upload to the Eye-Fi manager on my PC (which was not blocked). I'd love to know if anyone can reproduce this or has any other tips.


Unknown said...

The Eye-Fi Card will upload your photos to a local destination, provided the card is already configured as such (for desktop transfers only), even when there's no Internet connectivity via the wireless network it's on.

While it is true that the card reaches out the Eye-Fi server when it starts uploading photos, this is not for the purpose of verifying registration, but rather attempting to get the latest card settings (such as transfer mode).


Anonymous said...

Well, that guy said it's possible to transfer files without internet acces using a python script.

Anonymous said...