Sunday, March 16, 2008

Eye-Fi Config Version 002

Infinitely more features!! Changes from 001:
  • Automatically discover mount point (works in Linux, definitely needs portability)
  • Actually list the log command-line option in the help
Download here


Unknown said...

I've found the progress you have made to be very encouraging. I'm looking for a way to configure Eye-Fi so it will download files other than jpeg directly to my computer. I have a camcorder that records in .mov format and uses SD cards. I was hoping to use it as a versatile wireless security camera - recording short movies and automatically downloading to the PC.
.. I'll also need a way to remove the .mov from the camcorder after its done downloading. Do you think this is might be possible with the eye-fi? too bad they don't have an open API for this thing.

mattw said...

I'm not sure if this is only my problem, but I had to change the returns to upper-case in the eyefi-config.c to get it to work

switch (file) {
case REQC: return "REQC";
case REQM: return "REQM";
case RSPC: return "RSPC";
case RSPM: return "RSPM";

Dave Hansen said...

That's interesting. Could you send me the output of 'cat /proc/mounts' to

I wonder if there's a case-sensitive mount option for msdos filesystems that I'm forgetting about.