Sunday, July 13, 2008

Eye-Fi Config Release 004

There are no new features or anything in here, but I wanted to at least share my recent work. I put the file that I'm using for CHDK in here, and also some bits intended to help get this running on OSX. Thanks got to Reed Wade for the work he's doing on OSX!

This is completely untested because my Eye-Fi card is now completely dead. I'll probably go get one of the new "Explore" cards at some point, but I'm without a card for now.

A kind soul also lent me a Sharp Zaurus to try and get my software running on it. I'll let everyone know how that goes.


Br3nda of said...


Is this in VCS somewhere that i can track?

sMiles said...

I can't compile on OS X, witch is fine cause all I am after is the CHDK part.. Can some one post a precompiled CHDK version? Usage directions for the CHDK version would be great.. I just want to reboot the card every day to maintain the server connection from chdk... Great stuff thanks for all your hard work!!

firefly said...

Could you explain for this newbie how the CHDK file you included works. I've got CHDK on my camera and use it all the time but I don't understand what your CHDK file does here.

Dave Hansen said...

I'm sorry, but this isn't something that is really in a polished form for people to take and use. You need to move files between my project and CHDK and splice them in and recompile.