Monday, January 14, 2008

Wine patch

Well, it turns out that wine doesn't respect the Windows CreateFile() flags FILE_FLAG_NO_BUFFERING or FILE_FLAG_WRITE_THROUGH. I have a really simple wine patch to "fix" that. I really haven't thought it through in too much detail, but it seems to work.

Basically, whenever wine sees either of those two flags, it just disables all of Linux's filesystem caching with the open() flag O_DIRECT. You can apply the patch to the latest version of wine out of its git repository. and probably earlier versions, too. Here's my patch.

I'll probably be trying to get this into the upstream wine distribution soon.

BTW, if you want some help building wine, I'd be happy to help, so just email me.

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Unknown said...

Hi again. Since there's been quite a lot of activity here since I last checked, I guess you might like to know I hacked up a few hundred line prototype perl script to receive files from the card. Turns out it's remarkably tolerant of odd formatting of both HTTP headers and the XML bodies.

Anyway, you can grab a preview from

Hope this is useful to you. It means you can use the eye-fi card without any internet connection at all, or the eye-fi web service being active. Just fill in your current upload key in the variable provided. Enjoy.